Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack or 21 is a popular casino game that has many variants. These variants are offered at many online and brick and mortar casinos and often professionals will prefer to play these variations more than the regular game of Blackjack. Blackjack switch is one such variation of the classic version of the game offered in Vegas casinos.

Playing Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is one of the more popular versions of the game and is available at virtually every casino. Even online, many players are opting to play the Switch variation, since the player’s advantage is slightly higher, since players have an additional option of Switch. In this game, the player plays with two hands instead of one in the classic version. The player can then decide to switch between hands during the course of the game. The game, like Blackjack is very easy to understand although in order to master it, there is some skill that comes into play.
The game begins with the player’s wager, which must be placed for both hands and be of an equal amount. Since there are two hands in play, it is possible to take to ordinary blackjack hands and form a hand that has a high chance of winning. This is the reason why players have a higher chance of winning in this game.
Like in the regular game, once the game begins, the player is dealt two hands facing up and the dealer has one open card and one hole card. The player’s decisions are then based on the cards that he/she holds and the dealer’s open card.

Blackjack Switch – Rules

The player’s decision to switch and swap cards between hands can be at any point in the game, but it is typically taken once the initial cards have been dealt. Apart from this one additional rule, all other rules in the game are the same as the original game. The object of Blackjack Switch is to make a total of as close to 21 as possible without going bust, while at the same time holding a higher total than that of the dealer.
Once the player’s hand has been dealt, he/she can choose to either switch, hit, stand, double, split or take insurance. The switch decision can be made between the two top cards of the initial hand. This can help the player achieve a better hand.

In Blackjack Switch, when the player holds a Blackjack (Ace and a card worth 10), the payout is not 3:2 like in the original game, but is 1:1. Another important rule to remember is that when the dealer has a hard 22, unless the player holds a natural, the game is declared a Push. While the initial bet placed on both the hands must be the same, all subsequent decisions can be taken separately for each hand. The final two hands that the player holds will be compared against that of the dealer once the game has been played out. The player receives a payout if either of the two hands wins.