The game of Keno has been slowly gaining popularity in the gambling world. Today the game is available at virtually every online casino and bingo room as well as a number of locations offline as well. In fact, many state lotteries also offer Keno to the public. The game is very similar to bingo and typically players who love bingo will also love this game.
Keno has a number of different variations depending on factors like the method used to make the draw and the type of ticket. Generally speaking however, the game is played on a ticket containing numbers from 1 to 80. Players then proceed to mark their tickets, and cross of numbers based on the number that is called.

The payouts in a Keno game depend completely on the casino or gambling hall where it is played. Each one offers their own version of the payout table, and players are generally required to check with the casino to find out their payouts for the game. This is also because often players can choose the kinds of bets that they want to place.

History of the Game

It is believed that the game of keno was first played in China; however, the name itself is said to have European roots, either from Latin or French. In ancient China, this game was called “baige piao” and the tickets were distributed from the main cities to the surrounding villages. It was played with 80 characters that were chosen from a list of Chinese characters. When the Chinese immigrants left the country to travel to the west, the game spread worldwide. The first recorded game of Baige Piao in the west was in the 19th century.

Types of Tickets

There are a number of different kinds of keno tickets, which generally fall into five different categories. These tickets affect the game play and strategy of different players.
The first type of ticket is the way ticket, which is a ticket whose markings have a minimum of three groups of the same numbers. This kind of ticket improves the player’s chances of winning, while at the same time being very simple to use.

The next kind of ticket is the multi race ticket, which cannot be altered after they have been used in the game. This ticket can be used for up to 20 games in a row and each of these games uses the same set of numbers.
The most common kind of keno ticket is the Straight Ticket, which is probably the most freely available as well. In this kind of ticket, the player simply marks the numbers on the ticket and waits for the outcome. Similar to the regular straight ticket is the split ticket, where players can play a number of straight tickets on a single split ticket.
The final kind of keno ticket is the combination ticket. This ticket is simply a combination of a number of straight bets that are placed on a single keno ticket. The method of play of a combination ticket is similar to both the way and the straight ticket.