Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a casino game that is slowly gaining popularity among casino goers from around the world. The game is offered both at online and land-based casinos and is said to be very similar to the game of five-card stud. The difference between the two games however, is that in Caribbean Poker, the player is pitted against the house instead of trying to beat the other players in regular poker. This means that the house edge is a little higher in Caribbean Poker and it also does not allow any sort of bluffing and other deception tactics used in regular poker.

History of Caribbean Poker

There are many versions of how the game of Caribbean poker came to be popular; however the one that is considered authentic by most sources is based on a player called James Suttle who was responsible for bringing the game to the world’s notice. In the year 1987, James Suttle learnt the game while playing at the Binion’s Horseshoe from another player who allegedly taught Suttle the game in exchange for a loan of $5000, which was lent to him in the knowledge that he could sell the game to a casino. The game was successful but not widely popular until Michael Titus came up with the idea of an online version with a progressive jackpot. This was the true turning point in the history of Caribbean Poker, which is what makes it the success that it is today.

How To Play Caribbean Poker

The game begins with all the players purchasing coins from the casino. In case of an online casino, this can be achieved by using the player’s real money account to place the bet. The player then places an ante which must be more than the table minimum. The ante is placed in a specially designated area on the table. At one point the dealer will announce that no more bets will be taken. The game then begins.
The dealer will deal each of the player five cards, after this the dealer will also receive five cards. All cards that are dealt are dealt face down. Once every player and the dealer have received their cards, the dealer will take one of his/her cards and turn it over. The dealer will then proceed to push the dealer’s cards in front of the players. Once this is over, the player may then have a look at their cards. Every player can only look at his/her own cards and discussion is not allowed.

After the players have had a chance to look at their cards, they must then make a decision. The player can then choose to play or fold. In case the player chooses to fold, then the money wagered in the ante is lost and the player will not take any further part in the game. If the player decides to play, then he/she must place a bet in the designated bet box. The amount of this bet must be twice the amount of the ante bet that was placed by them. The dealer then reveals his/her cards and the player that has a hand that beats the dealer’s hand wins the game.