Slot Variations

Slot variations

Slot games are games of chance that are offered at casinos, both online and land based. These games are games of pure chance and they are one of the most popular casino games, especially among beginners and novices since they do not require any particular skills to play the game. There are a number of different variations to the slot game depending on the kind of features that are on offer. This article outlines some of the more important kinds of slot machine games. The classification of these slot games are generally made according to the number of reels and paylines present in the game, however different people often classify slots in a number of different systems.

Classic Slot Games

These slot games get their name from the fact that they are very similar to the kind of games that were available when the game was first invented. These games are also fondly called “One Arm Bandits” because of the presence of a handle to spin the reels in the olden days. All classic slot machine games are characterized by their 3 spinning reels and a single payline, which must contain a winning combination in order for the player to win the game. Typically, this kind of game will allow a maximum wager of only three coins in a spin. The value of the coin depends on the machine that is chosen.

Five-Reel Slot Games

Five reel slots of Video slot machine games are the more modern, advanced version of the classic slots games. These games not only feature five spinning reels, but there are a number of paylines as well. Generally speaking, a video slot game can have anywhere between five paylines, going up to even 60 or 100 paylines. These games are also a little more complicated to understand than the 3 reel version. Players are generally allowed to wager a minimum of one coin, with the maximum wager being up to 20 or 30 coins per payline. These games also usually have a number of special symbols like a wild symbol, scatter symbol and various other special features like a bonus round and free spins. These extra features mean that players have a good chance of making more money with these games.

9 Reel Slot Machine Games

The nine reel game is a fairly new invention by casino software developers. In this form of the game players will see only 3 visible spinning reels, which makes it look very similar to the three reel slot game. The difference of course is that in a 9-reel slot machine, all the three reels in the game are allowed to spin in an independent manner. Since there is no correlation between the reels, there are in effect nine spinning reels in the game. in a 9 reel game, generally players will have eight paylines, with three rows (horizontal lines), three columns (vertical lines) and the two diagonals. There are some games however that have a total of five paylines, without the vertical paylines.