Roulette Rules

Roulette Rules

Roulette is played on a slotted wheel with a slanting tract around the edge. The croupier spins the wheel in one direction, then spins a small white ball on the track in the opposite direction to the motion of the wheel. When the wheel comes to a stop, the ball rolls into one of the slots, which is then declared the winning number.

Game Play Rules

In a typical game of roulette, there are eight or more players who place bets on the end result. Players who guess the outcome correctly win the bet. There are a few variations however, with a slightly different European and American version of the game. The difference between these two is that the American game has an additional ‘00’ slot on the wheel. Apart from the 0 and the 00, each slot is marked with a number ranging from 1 to 36 and these 36 numbers are divided into two colours, red and black.
To place a bet, the player must by chips from the casino, either online or land based. The player then places the bet on a designated betting table, which contains all the numbers on the wheel arranged in a grid. The table also contains some special boxes like the “Odd or Even”, the “Dozens” and the “Red and Black”, which are used for outside bets. A few seconds before the wheel comes to a halt all betting must end. Once the wheel stops motion, the croupier determines the winning number and marks it on the betting table. All payouts are then given to the players who have won.

Rules of the Game

There are twelve different kinds of bets that the player can place on the betting table. These are divided into six inside and six outside. The division is made according to the location of the bet on the betting table. Inside bets generally have a higher payout than the outside bet, however the odds of winning an inside bet are lower than that of an outside bet. In an inside bet, the player can bet on a maximum of six numbers at a time, while an outside bet allows the player to wager on up to 18 numbers.

Apart from the betting rules, there are two special rules in the game of roulette. Not all casinos enforce these rules however, but they are still important to understand when playing the game. The two rules are called the En Prison Rule and the La Partage Rule.
According to the En Prison rule, when the wheel stops on the 0 all players that have placed an even money bet have the option of either leaving the whole amount or taking away half the bet. The money on the table is then used for a bet on a second spin and the player loses if the wheel lands on 0 once again.
The la partage rule is a little like the en prison rule, the only difference is that the players do not leave their bets on the table, instead he/she loses half the bet.