Keno Strategies

<h1>Keno Strategies</h1><p>
Keno is a game of pure chance, which makes it very difficult for players to ensure that they win in the long run. The house advantage of this game is extremely high and is around 4 for some forms of the game, while it is much higher for others. This means that the chances of the casino or gambling hall making money from the keno tickets sold is very high.
In terms of actual odds, the chances of a player getting a “full house” or guessing all of the numbers correctly is very low. It is said to be around 1 in about 3.5 quintillion. These are extremely low odds, even for a casino game. Although the perfect card is virtually impossible, it is possible for players to gamble for catches, which are the chances of hitting anywhere between 1 and 19 spots in the card.</p>
<h2>Keno Strategies</h2><p>
Since every number on the Keno card have an equal chance of being “hit”, technically it is impossible to have a keno strategy that works. However, there are many players who have evolved strategies that they claim to work a lot of the time. These are not necessarily scientifically proven, but they seem to work well for players.
Probably the best strategy while playing Keno is to remember to have fun. The game is designed for people to enjoy themselves without any real chance of ensuring a win. Almost every other strategy for Keno involves players trying to keep their losses at a minimum and possibly that way maximizing the amount that they earn playing Keno.
The most common strategy advised by gamblers is to maintain a keno limit. This limit is a self-designated amount that the gambler decides to spend on any given day while playing keno. The gambler then assures that his/her spending on that day does not go below that limit while playing Keno.</p>
<h3>Keno Paytables</h3><p>
The different paytables offered at Keno games around the world vary, however there is one thing that seems to remain constant throughout. Since the odds of the game are fairly varied, the chances of winning while playing 11 spot keno is found to be much more rewarding than playing the 10, 9, 8 or 7 spot version of the game. This also holds good for the 3 spot Keno game which is more rewarding than the 4 spot game. For players who would like to formulate a strategy, looking into these odds is critical. Another thing that they must take into consideration is the kind of game they want to play. If they would prefer a conservative game, then it is a good idea to stick to a lower spot game, while players who don’t mind taking the risk can aim a little higher. They must also keep in mind that the higher risk games have a higher payout.
There are many players who believe that the choice of numbers determines the strategy, and it has nothing to do with the wagers. These players often have a strategy to pick numbers and many of them have been successful.</p>