Caribbean Poker Rules

Caribbean Poker Rules

Caribbean Poker is a variation of the popular poker game of five card stud. The game is very popular, especially in online poker rooms and is especially well known for the progressive jackpot associated with it. The game’s origins are a bit hazy, but it is the online gaming revolution that brought it to the forefront in recent years.

Playing Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a game where the player plays against the house, which means that the player’s advantage is considerably lessened and it does not allow for any bluffing or deception by any other means.
The game play begins with the player purchasing chips form the online casino. The player then locates a suitable table, with a table limit that suits his/her preferences and proceeds to place an ante bet. This bet can be any amount within the table limits. Once all the players have placed their ante bets, the game begins.

All the players at the table are then dealt 5 cards each, with the dealer also receiving his/her set of five cards. All the cards that are dealt are dealt out face down and the player is not allowed to look at his/her cards. Once all the players have been dealt their cards, the dealer turns one card from his/her hand and pushes the remaining in the direction of the players. This is the player’s cue to take a look at their cards. There is not discussion allowed and players are only allowed to look at their own cards.

Once this step is over, the player chooses whether to stay in the game or to fold. If the player decides to fold, then the ante bet is forfeited and the player takes no further part in the proceedings. If the player chooses to continue, he/she must place a bet that is worth double the ante bet in the betting box. The dealer will then reveal his/her hole card and the player who holds a hand that beats the dealer’s hand wins the pot.

Rules of Caribbean Poker

There are some very important rules in Caribbean Poker that must be observed by the dealers and the players. The first of these rules is that each player is allowed only a single hand and they are not allowed to place bets on more than one hand on the table. In case the player decides to play with the Progressive Payout, then he/she must turn on the Indicator light after inserting the bet of $1.
All hands in the game are private, which means that players may never discuss information on their cards to any other player. This is probably the most important rule in the game and any player that violates it will automatically forfeit all wagers and the hand that is held will be declared dead.

In case the player does not have the correct amount of cards, the player’s hand is declared dead. In case the dealer is dealt less than five cards, then he/she may complete the hand by dealing another card. All the player’s cards must be visible to the dealer at every point in the game. Also the player must lay the cards down after they have been examined. After the cards have been laid down, the player can not touch the cards.